Do you transport your products abroad?

Yes. For many years we have had the practice of organizing fast, efficient transport with strictly established schedules to all countries in the EU and on the Balkans. When we sign a contract, we will review your requirements together and find a suitable logistics solution for them.

Do you manufacture customized products?

Yes. Contact us to specify the parameters and our options for quantities.

Do you make the installation in EU countries?

No. This is the job of the companies that sell to their end customers.

Can you place orders with specific product requirements?

Yes. This is an everyday thing for us. We maintain constant contact with our partners to clarify all the details to get the best result for the client.

What are your typical clients?

Our company is B2B oriented. We are the manufacturer of our products and sell them to windows and doors companies that work with end customers. We also work with many construction companies that have large sites and with industrial companies that have specific product requirements. Some of our clients are construction hypermarkets and we also develop the sector of state and municipal enterprises and orders.

Where are your clients located?

Of course, we work with clients from Bulgaria and its neighboring countries. Our cooperation with clients from the European Union is also very well-developed. We sell large quantities of our products in Spain, Germany, Italy, Belgium, France. We strive to develop long-term cooperation based on honesty, quality and precision of the orders.

How can we get an offer from you? How is a contract concluded?

If you are reading these questions, you have already viewed the site and are interested in our products. Depending on the country you are from, you can contact our sales representatives, whom you will find on our contact page, and start negotiations with them. We will be happy to listen to your requirements and wishes and see if we can be useful to you.

Do you have a sales model?

Yes. In our “How to start working with us” subpage, we have provided a sample sales model to make it easier for anyone interested in our products. Also, you can ask us all your questions through the inquiry form on our page, and we will answer them as quickly and in as much detail as possible.