Aterrica Ltd.'s profile

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Our company has been operating on the Bulgarian market for more than 20 years. During this time, more than 250 partners have benefited from our production, offering our products to companies and individuals. Our work was also well-appreciated by our clients, and for this period we managed to deliver various of our products to more than 50,000 sites.

I want to assure you that our products meet the highest quality requirements and have all the necessary certificates. Our production base is equipped in accordance with the highest standards and we hope that you will be completely satisfied with everything you buy from us.

Aleko Alekov,
Managing Director,
Aterrica Ltd.

Vision and development

We create the best products in Bulgaria, we think about their details and their use by consumers. We maintain our reputation as a trusted partner and supplier to our contractors by solving their tasks and helping them grow their business in the difficult conditions of a competitive international market.


In 2020, our team consists of over 80 engineer technologists, sales consultants, administrative employees, installation teams, transport unit and production staff.

Aterrika has offices in Pernik, Berkovitsa, Nuremberg, and the new production facility is in the town of Berkovitsa, North-Western Bulgaria, where part of the company’s administration, and a demonstration center for partners and clients are located.