Our products

Aterrica is a manufacturer of many products related to windows, doors and other specialized construction products. We use modern technology combined with well-trained employees and extensive experience to meet the requirements of our clients.

20 Years of Experience
The company has been operating on the market for 20 years and during this time it has gained significant experience and many clients.
Trained Staff
In order to satisfy the wishes of our clients and to produce good products, we have created excellently trained staff who like their work.
Production Facility
We have invested significant funds in our new factory, in which it will be convenient and pleasant for us to manufacture our products.
Monitoring of Quality
Quality is what wins our clients over. We try to upgrade and improve our business and products every day.



Production of Insulated Glass Units

In 1999, when we started the production of windows and doors, we supplied the insulated glass units from external companies. Over time, the company grew, and in 2002, to ensure the quality of the insulated glass units and its effective price, we started our own production, which we are constantly improving.

Our Own Production Guarantees Us Quality.

With the production of insulated glass units, we have a closed production cycle and we have the opportunity to control the quality of each of our products for which we are responsible before our clients.

Massiveness and Advantages

The automated production lines together with our knowledge and experience give us the opportunity to offer our clients a quality product at an excellent price. The manufacture of insulated glass units is a complex and precise process in which everything depends on the quality glass we use, on our workers and on the method of production. We understand the importance of these details for the overall quality of and satisfaction from the product.

Fast Delivery Times.

We provide fast delivery times. We offer safe, environmentally friendly and fast transport throughout the European Union. We comply with the needs and capabilities of each of our clients and specify a delivery schedule that is followed precisely.

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