First contact with the client

We contact the client or they contact us, and we detail the products that are of interest to them in a conversation.

The client sends a written request, with more or less details that are important to them, by e-mail – Market

Initial offer

It is important that the client submits information about the technical requirements, quantities, delivery times, mode of transport, payment method, communication and other details so that we can prepare an initial offer.

Factory visits and negotiations

If the client is interested, they can visit our factory, inspect the production and finalize the negotiations on the details of the offer. This is the moment when we can make and include additional options, variations, and hold discussions on them.


Based on the above points, we prepare a contract between us and the client, which we sign and start working on the order.

Such a model of work provides smooth and calm operation under the already concluded contracts, an opportunity for us to plan and ensure compliance with the schedule and receipt of the goods in the specified time, on schedule.

The client has the opportunity to enter into a contract after they have discussed, clarified and resolved all major and minor details of the contract, inspected the production and delivery of products and is confident about the future of their cooperation with us.

We will be happy if you call us and we are looking forward to our fruitful and effective cooperation with you!

More information

Contacts for sales in the EU

Pernik Office
Email: Export
Telephone: +359 76 60 48 00

Contact language: English, Bulgarian

Nuremberg Office
Sales Representative: Alexander Gruber
Email: Gruber
Telephone: +49 172 446 33 44
+49 918 793 650 24

Contact language: German, English, Italian